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Welcome to @jax_ofall_trades, I'll be running some smaller more intimate workshops this year. 

Please use the CONTACT ME form down at the bottom of this page for any enquiries.

Brush Strokes

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Nestled below Silvermine Nature reserve, is both my home and my studio space. Close to the ocean and mountains I’m never far away from the elements and spend lots of time walking my rescue pup out in nature. I feel energised and inspired by all that is around me - I truly feel like I’m staying in a little piece of paradise. I work as a creator and entrepreneur in the world of mosaics, clay and mixed media. Currently working on projects that spark joy in a variety of different mediums. 


Art and creating has been a lifelong interest of mine, that took a brief detour when I dropped out of my Art Degree and took a job in the corporate world in product management and customer engagement using my creative skills to solve problems. 


Starting a studio where I had an opportunity to focus on the practical and entrepreneurial side of the ceramics world in a small creative setting was the next step for me. Over 20 years at the studio I developed clay based manufacturing from creation to final product, handled many large scale commissions, created a mosaic practice and developed a full service offering to customers. This included creating the many different workshops we offered, products that we manufactured and growing our team from 2 to 12 people. 


Now working on a series of workshops to impart my knowledge to others and to find like minded individuals to collaborate and create with.


Brescia House Mosaic Mural

Brescia House 

Mosaic Wall

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